2/21/2015: St. Mary’s River State Park

Short drive to southern Maryland to run the Frozen Heart 50K, which took place on the trails in St. Mary’s River State Park.  This appeared to be a fast course, but that was before it got dumped with snow earlier in the week (six plus inches on the trails; I was lucky to finish only an hour after my original goal time).

Approaching the lake's levee.

The view approaching the lake’s levee.


All in all, a pretty nice way to spend the morning.

1/16/2015: Sugar Hollow to Black Rock Summit +

Route: From the first parking area at Sugar Hollow, ran six miles or so to the Shenandoah National Park, linking up with the Appalachian Trail at Black Rock Gap.  Followed the AT north to the summit of Black Rock, continuing north for another mile or so before heading back to Sugar Hollow.  16.25 miles total.


Shot of the waterfall at Sugar Hollow, taken shortly after I fell in a stream (the first time).


Looking downstream from the waterfall.


Looking out from Black Rock Summit, where there was around an inch of snow on the AT.

10/17/2014: Dobie Mountain to Rockfish Gap and back

Stashed a thermos of water at Rockfish Gap and then drove south on the Blue Ridge Parkway to the Humpback Rocks parking area. Rather than head up the popular/crowded route to the rocks, I took the Old Howardsville Turnpike trail. This allowed me to quickly hit the Appalachian Trail north, make a brief stop at the Glass Hollow Overlook (the views aren’t quite as big as those at Humpback, but I had the place all to myself), and then finish the almost eight-mile run to Rockfish Gap to re-fill water bottles. Roughly the same route back, except that I took the blue-blazed Albright Loop Trail shortly after passing the Paul C. Wolf Shelter. There’s a bit of old plane wreckage just off the Albright trail. 16 miles total.

On the Old Howardsville Turnpike trail 48 seconds into my run.  I quickly  realized that I wouldn't get anywhere if I stopped for every vista.

On the Old Howardsville Turnpike trail 48 seconds into my run. The leaves sort of stopped me in my tracks when I first got out there, and I had to force myself not to grab for my camera at every vista.

Glass Hollow Overlook.

Glass Hollow Overlook.


10/4/2014: Ouachita National Forest

Crewed for Wesley in the Arkansas Traveller 100, which he won with a time of 15 hours, 59 minutes (third fastest time in the 24-year history of the race, and 22 minutes off the course record).  I met him at five aid stations along the course (miles 16.1, 31.9, 48, 67.9, and 83.9; our Dad was at the last three), and we had him re-fueled and out of each station in less than two minutes, sometimes much less.  At the last crew station (mile 83.9), I paced Wesley through the dark to the finish line.  Really fun running through the pitch-black Ouachita National Forest with nothing but headlamps.  My only concern was keeping up with Wesley during the last 16.1 miles; he ran mile 100 (mile 16 for me) in just under seven minutes.

photo 1

Dad, Wesley, and I after the race on Saturday night.