6/10-14/2019: Mt. Moosilauke, et al. (White Mountains, New Hampshire)

6/10: Two-mile family hike to the Flume Gorge, Franconia Notch State Park.

6/11: Seven-mile trail run to Franconia Falls from Lincoln Woods Trailhead.

6/12: Short family hike to the Basin in Franconia Notch State Park in the morning, followed by eight-mile trail run to Mt. Moosilauke’s 4,802′ summit (Gorge Brooke Trail from Ravine Lodge) in the afternoon (2 hours).

6/13: Hike to summit of Mt. Pimigewasset (2,557′) with Henry and Oliver (3.6 miles, 2 hours).

6/14: Seven-mile trail run to Black Pond from Lincoln Woods Trailhead.


Mt. Pemigewasset


The Basin, Franconia Notch State Park


En route to the Flume Gorge, Franconia Notch State Park


Near the Basin, Franconia Notch State Park

6/9/2019: Mt. Lafayette / Franconia Ridge Loop (White Mountains, New Hampshire)

From the Franconia Notch parking area off I-93, made the 9-mile loop (counter-clockwise, ascending the steeper waterfall trail first, running along the ridge, and then descending the Greenleaf / Old Bridle Path trail), including a mile or so along the ridge in the alpine zone to Mt. Lafayette’s 5,249′ summit (2 hours, 58 minutes).


Henry and Oliver at the nearby Echo Lake Beach during my run/hike up Mt. Lafayette.

5/14/2018: Pandapas Pond, Jefferson National Forest (10 miles)

From my front door, one mile up Brush Mountain Rd. through my neighborhood before turning onto Forest Service Road P188-2 (which become Horse Nettle Trail), down Snake Root Trail to Poverty Creek Trail (passing by where we ended our family hike the day before), around the pond and back up the other side of Horse Nettle to the forest service road and then to Brush Mountain Rd. and home.  Saw a bear climbing up a tree off of Snake Root Trail.


Mother’s Day hike the day before (5/13/2018), just off Poverty Creek Trail on my usual 10-mile running loop.